If you live in structures that allow favorable cosmic forces to be formed, Vaastu is believed to increase riches, well-being, and prosperity. By combining energy, space, time, and material forms, the science of architecture teaches us how to transform no manifest energy into manifest material forms. The notion underlying this philosophy is that the built environment should resonate with the dweller’s individual spirit.

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What is Vaastu and how does it work?

The ancient mystic science and art of designing and constructing buildings, Vaastu Shilpa Sastra, has its roots in the STAPATYA VEDA, which is a part of the ATHARVANA VEDA, one of the four Vedas.

What are the essential criteria for positioning your rooms, regardless of their square footage?

Colors are also important in Vaastu – Use Vaastu advice to plan and choose the paint colors for your spaces.

How does Vaastu helps with new flat interiors and colors?

If you’re looking for a new home, Vaastu’s advice suggests avoiding dark-colored flats. Dark hues in your home’s walls, furnishings, and floors, for example, emit negative energy. Light colors, such as pink, yellow, and orange, on the other hand, emit positive energy. According to Vaastu principles, homes painted in these hues are ideal for purchase.

What function does the placement of kitchens, toilets, stairwells, and the main entryway play?

When buying a new flat, prospective house buyers should consider the location of areas such as the kitchen, toilets, and staircase, according to Vaastu’s new home advice. Make sure they aren’t in the south or southwest directions. When buying a new flat, the location of the main door is also crucial.