The Home Infra believes in offering its clients complete real estate solutions, and to that end, we have worked with the most trusted financial institutions to provide home loan facilities to our clients at their convenience.

A secured loan issued by a bank against the security/hypothecation of an underlying property is known as a home loan. A home loan can be used to purchase an unfinished property, a resold property, or even to build a house on an empty plot of land.

The minimum and maximum tenures are 5 years and up to 30 years for a home loan.

As a general rule, salaried individuals are eligible for house loans up to 60 times their net monthly income. So, if your net monthly wage is 40,000, you can acquire a home loan for up to 24 lakh rupees.

An Indian with a regular source of income, whether self-employed or salaried, is eligible to qualify for a house loan. When the loan period begins, the borrower must be at least 21 years old, and when the loan period ends or at the time of superannuation, the borrower must not be older than 65 years old. This is the general qualifying criteria for home loans; specifics such as minimum and maximum age limitations, minimum income levels, and so on may vary from one lender to the next.

Yes. The borrower can avail of the pre-approved loan, only after submitting all relevant property-related documents the bank needs for subsequent due diligence.

The repayment period can be flexibly done as per the payee’s comfort level with up to 15 years or retirement age whichever is earlier.

You will be responsible for certain additional fees in addition to the margin like the initial down payment, stamp duty prices, registration costs, and transfer taxes are only a few of the major expenses in this regard.

  • Knowing in detail about the amount and type of loan that comes as per your repayment comfort.
  • Calculate the total cost of the loan that you will be responsible for at the conclusion of the loan term.
  • Read all of the terms and conditions that the bank or financial institution will use to provide you with the loan.
  • Look over the loan offers available in the market and choose one that meets your needs while keeping the measures outlined above in mind